Djarum has always been ahead of its time, looking for new products and innovations to bring to the market. R&D plays a key part in driving this progress.

Djarum has always recognized that Research & Development (R&D) is crucial to kretek product development. A pioneer in this area, Djarum′s R&D department was established in the ′60s well ahead of other major kretek players, followed by the building of an official R&D center in the ′70s with the aim of developing new kretek blends.

Djarum′s contributions to the development of kretek include:

  • developing the world′s first low-tar, low-nicotine kretek
  • developing the world′s first kretek cigarillo
  • developing a brown-paper kretek
  • developing a black-paper kretek
  • developing cherry-flavored and vanilla-flavored kretek
  • developing the world′s one and only Superfine Clove mix

Djarum′s present day R&D team is supported by state-of-the-art laboratory technology. It interacts frequently with the marketing department in its quest to develop new flavors. Besides developing kretek flavors, R&D insights are also applied to the manufacturing and production side.