Djarum has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1950s. Growing from strength to strength, today our high-tech mass production lines produces cigarettes for both the domestic and international market

Djarum′s first-ever kretek workshop was established on April 21, 1951 by company founder Oei Wie Gwan in Kudus, Central Java. Just nine months prior, Oei Wie Gwan had purchased the brand and license to the name. Kudus happens to be the birthplace of kretek, upon which one of Indonesia′s most prominent industries would be built. Over the years, Djarum’s small cottage industry would flourish into an internationally known brand.

Named after the needle of a gramophone, Djarum began as a small 10-person operation on No. 28 Bitingan Baru Street (now No. 28 A.Yani Street), Kudus. The blending of the clove and tobacco ingredients was a simple manual process using minimal equipment. Oei himself could be found rolling kretek on the workshop floor when not promoting and selling Djarum kretek on the streets of Kudus. Djarum′s blend of hand-rolled kretek nonetheless differentiated itself by its consistent quality and taste and attracted a growing following.

Oei Wie Gwan passed away in 1963 but the company he built endures. Under the leadership and vision of Oei′s two sons Michael Bambang Hartono and Robert Budi Hartono, Djarum continued to thrive, expanding into one of the largest and most successful kretek company today.