The process of kretek manufacturing is a blend of art and science.
Djarum continues to support the production of the classic hand-rolled kretek cigarette.

Djarum′s first kretek cigarette was a hand-rolled product made using minimal equipment through a simple manufacturing process. Over the years, the variety of kretek cigarettes that Djarum makes has expanded enormously. Simply speaking however, the cigarettes as categorized by their method of manufacture fall into either the hand-rolled category or the machine-rolled category. Both are popular and are produced in large quantities. Meanwhile, Djarum′s innovations in flavoring have produced a wide variety of brands.

The manufacturing process begins with the careful selection of raw materials. The main production materials consist of a master tobacco and cloves that have been processed through Djarum′s proprietary cutting process into Superfine Cloves. The cloves and tobacco are then blended together under strict and exacting controls and additional ingredients are added before the mixture is rolled into a wrapper and packaged for distribution.

Hand-Rolled Kretek

The classic hand-rolled kretek cigarette, also referred to as Sigaret Kretek Tangan (SKT), continues to be made by Djarum using age-old methods of manual rolling by some 60,000 skilled laborers based at our Kudus factories. The packaging process includes manual input to enhance its handmade feel. The entire process is closely monitored by use of systematic quality control checkpoints to ensure consistent output. A product that has stood the test of time, hand-rolled kretek commands a loyal following.

Djarum Coklat, Djarum 76 and Djarum Istimewa are some of the most popular hand-rolled brands available in the market today. The rich flavor and long lasting enjoyment delivered by these brands continue to guarantee their popularity with kretek lovers.

Machine-Rolled Kretek

Machine-rolled kretek cigarettes, also referred to as Sigaret Kretek Mesin (SKM) were introduced in 1970 to cater to a growing demand for a more sophisticated kretek experience, competing against machine-made Western brands at that time.

Today Djarum machine-rolled kretek cigarettes are manufactured in a fully automated process using high-tech machinery. Under a total production management approach, integrated control and computerized monitoring systems oversee the process all the way to the final packing phase.

Favorite machine-rolled cigarette brands include Djarum Super, LA Lights and Djarum Black, three brands well-known in both the domestic and international kretek market.