For over half a century, Djarum has supplied Indonesian consumers with high quality cigarette and tobacco products. Today, we have expanded into the global market, becoming a leading player in the kretek industry worldwide

Domestic Trade

Propelled by constant innovation and tight within a framework of quality control, Djarum is one of the largest revenue generators in Indonesia and is a major force in the large and dynamic domestic kretek market, providing satisfaction to our loyal customers.  More

International Trade

Since its first entrance into the world market in 1972, Djarum products have gone from strength to strength. Their distinct flavor and branding have gained a loyal market overseas and Djarum tobacco products are now available on several continents including Europe and the USA.  More

Become an International Agent

We are always interested in expanding our overseas network. Djarum products represent an excellent opportunity for the right partner. Find out about where we are and what products are available internationally. More